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the Pride Fix it Fair!

Saturday June 26 2021
at the Providence Public Library

We sell small books!

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Our featured authors and artists have received 50% of consumer cost at the time of printing.

Our authors live in many different places on stolen Indigenous land. We are currently located in the following stolen territories:

Nisqually + Squaxin / Olympia WA
Houma + Chitimacha / New Orleans LA 
Numu / Reno NV 
Washoe / Truckee CA
Piscataway / Washington DC
Munsee Lenape + Canarsie / NY metro area
Narragansett + Wappinger / Providence RI


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Queer Icons Project
Our ongoing project Queer Icons is now open for submissions! This project began April 2020 as a virtual workshop.

We are currently developing a digital interactive resource based on this current chronological timeline organized by Icon’s birth years.

Note: Everything in pink is a link

Distributing from Providence RI
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